At Spurthy, we believe that all individuals are creative and to improve the quality of teachinng, there is a need to develop creativity in teachers and learners. The action research follows the Creative Teaching Model.

The classroom teaching is focused on four core elements: SENSORY (involve) many aids that focus the content and appeal to the different learning styles of the students), EMOTIONAL (instruction materials include biographical sketches, inspirational stories, role plays, surveys and case studies, INTELLECTUAL (uses presentations, projects, online games and videos) and SPIRITUAL (focuses on personal value systems that, once developed, are good for the individual and the society in general).

Classroom learning is made interesting and effective by the use of various educational aids like models, specimen, charts, audio systems, slide projector, over head projector, multimedia, television etc.,

Learning process is strengthened by using novel methods like Group discussion, presentation, project work, symposium, thematic discussion, situation analysis, visits to places of scientific analysis, visits to places of scientific and historical importance, field trips, excursions, science exhibitions, wall magazine, interaction with visiting dignitaries, debate, quiz, self-study, etc., rather than depending solely on the traditional chalk and talk method of teaching. Various programmes for drawing the minds of students towards higher values of life are drafted. Regular prayers, celebrations of national and religious festivals, etc, are incorporated as part of the curriculum so as to mould the students into good human beings. Arts and Crafts and practice of fine arts form an integral part of curricular activities.