In today’s global, multicultural and knowledge oriented world, education is the tool that opens the door for creative thought, enterprise and trend setting adaptations and changes. But does today’s education prepare the young minds to face challenges, reach out courageously and empathetically embrace this world? Our experience cautions us before making this claim. As a team of experienced educationists we very strongly believe the time has come, where this effort of creating world citizens in the chaotic and muddled world is not just a need but is our responsibility

Education is a journey from childhood to adulthood. The efforts in developing students into confident, disciplined and critical thinkers can be achieved better through experiential learning and specifically created opportunities. We aim to educate through a holistic approach that will enable our students to explore and utilize their potential to the fullest. To make this a reality, Spurthy Global School (SGS) has joined hands with Academy for Creative Teaching (ACT), Bangalore which brings in vast teaching experience with excellent and renowned educationist Dr.Gururaj Karajagi heading it.

Facilitating this is Spurthy’s commitment to provide education of the highest standard, keeping abreast of the changing teaching methodologies and paradigm shifts in technology. In fact, our focus is on preparing every student to adapt to the changing professional environs and excel in his or her walk of life.Spurthy has a 1600 plus student body with more than 100 plus faculty members. Our earnest effort to reach out to the community has resulted in continued growth and diversity in faculty, students, infrastructure, and goals for the future.

Today, Spurthy Group of Institutions offers quality education through a PU College and Institutes for high-end career courses in Business Management, Computer Science and Nursing. Over the years, we have sent out to the waiting world thousands of students, giving wings to their dreams and aspirations.

Facilities at a Glance

Regular excursions and field trips

Frequent health checkups

Periodic drills and exercises

Well-equipped Library

Science and Computer labs

Entire school is a wi-fi zone

Classes with audio-visual equipment

Outdoor/Indoor play area

Adequate transport and security

The Spurthy way of Learning

Creative Teaching Model

What should education aim at? Our engagement with this question takes us first to the more general question: what is the basic goal of education? According to Gandhi, “True education is that which draws out and stimulates the spiritual, intellectual and physical faculties of the children”. Implicit in this aim is the belief (that we share) that education has the potential to transform individuals and societies.

We believe that all individuals are creative and to improve the quality of teaching, there is a need to develop creativity in teachers and learners. The action research follows the Creative Teaching Model- CTM of teaching learning.

The classroom teaching is focused on these elements
Sensory – visual, touch, smell, sound and taste – The need to understand that teaching has to appeal to the learners and the trainees. The classroom teaching would involve many aids which would focus the content and appeal to the different learning styles of the students

Teaching Learning and Assessment
Class room learning is made interesting and effective by the use of various educational aids like models, specimen, charts, audio systems, slide projector, over head projector, multimedia, television etc.

Co-Curricular Activities
Co-curricular activities are almost as important as academics in molding the all round personality of the students. Spurthy Global School offers plenty of opportunities in this area. Students are involved in Community Services to make them socially relevant.

Counselling and Career guidance service
Apart from teachers, Spurthy Global School has the guidance of trained counselors to help students in personal, academic and career guidance. There is also an opportunity to be counseled by trained peer groups.

Study Tours and Cultural Excursions
The school believes that travel is the best teacher. Hence it plans two kinds of tours. First is a short tour of one or two days to near-by places of religious, cultural and historical importance. During the holidays, the school organizes one or two weeks of excursion to various places in India. These excursions are thoroughly planned and supervised. Before the tour, students are given a detailed talk about the places they would be visiting and the entire programme. After the tour, students have to complete a written assignment as a follow up. This activity helps them to get a real feel of our varies culture and customs.

School Schedule
The school reopens on the first Monday of June every year. The academic year continues up to the end of April in the subsequent year. Mid-term vacation of one month is given during December.

School Discipline
School gives maximum emphasis on the conduct and discipline of the students, which is essential for them to become responsible citizens. It is mandatory that the students should obey the rules and regulations of the school. SGS administration believes in being strict without being harsh. Discipline is neither oppressive nor permissive. Children are taught to understand and differentiate freedom from licentiousness.