Sports Carnival Jathre 2018-19

“What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.”


Come December! And the celebrations galore.

Right from fun activities to games and sports, from street entertainments to ethnic ballads.

From backdrop music to strong drum beats of Bhangra are all , that’s waiting to charm you on:

23th December 2018 in the grounds of Spurthy Global School.


Plethora of Desi and Videshi ( both Indian and Global)carnival of Dance, Eateries Sports,

And Fun Activities. Of Course, here’s: God’s Plenty to:

  • Try your Luck through Rural Games like Gun Shoot, Marbles, Ring the Item, Snake and Ladder to Aim and Shoot(Of course not anything and everything!)

Just Play. Try Your Luck and Win or Lose but REMEMBER

“ Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win”.

  • Don’t forget to charm your aesthetic sense with the Sound of Music while the young maidens of Spurthy symbolize the concept of ,”Vasudev Kutumkam” through their
  • Folklore of dances from Malyalam Onam Nrityam to Kannada Janapada Nritya.
  • From Telegu Janapada Geetalu to Gujrati Dandiya
  • The Curtain Raiser Folklores from Rajasthan, travelling through Punjab Goa and Odisha just don’t stop at the sea-shore of India BUT travel abroad and drench you in the culture of African and  Philipines folk dances.
  • The main attraction is folk-lore of Spain ,”Este Baile es de Espana”
  • “Kabaddi Movement India” Ye Hai Bharat Ka Vishesh Khel and learn that :
  • You can’t win unless you know how to lose.
  • And don’t forget to host yourself with Mouth-watering treats from India and Abroad

Special attraction: North Karnataka Food

  • Don’t miss Thrilling Bullock Ride through an idyllic model village.

Come one Come all to Spurthy Jaathre 2018 –


On 25th Dec from 10 AM to 5 PM

Open to Public


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