Annual Sports Day 2018-19

Spurthy Global School ‘s Annual Sports Day for the Year 2018-19 will take place this …day……….

And the winner is…..

You know the feeling, right? During the practice sessions of Track Events for the ensuing “ Annual Sports Day”, each player struggles to defeat the others. The anticipation of winning is growing. The athletes run-through the dotted marks with clear focused vision on targeted victory. All strive for achieving the highest goal.

BUT standing on the edge of the three finalists, the child, when asked , how were his feelings achieving a third position during practice sessions, he humbly remarked, “Sir, I have made a beginning on road to success.  There is a long way to go. I will prove worthy of your expectations in future Sir.” The Teacher who heard this, from the mouth of the 12 year old child,  standing at the tale-end of selected finalists, realized that child had echoed a loud and clear message, “ It’s not winning or losing, it’s participation that matters.”

Indeed, Child is the father of man- who through selfless expressions teach adults the philosophy of life long desired BUT seldom cherished.

So hence forth ,”Don’t take your child’s utterances lightly.”

And Finally A Great Deal of Good Luck for Annual Sports Meet



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