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Sports is human life in microcosm.   Howard Cosell


“SPORTS” is a word that creates different feelings – happiness, excitement, passion, optimism, confidence and sometimes even the opposites. It is a certainty that the positive feelings would be only with children and other feelings would be from parents and teachers. Parents believe that too much of sports will spoil the future of their children and conservative teachers also join the force. But it has been proven wrong by many Sports personalities like Sachin Tendulkar, Milkha Singh, Mary Kom, Sania Nehwal etc.- they may not be academically tuned but their contributions to the field of Sport has brought in many laurels not only to them personally but to the Nation! In fact, in today’s scenario Sports adds a fillip to their future – opening a plethora of opportunities in every field!

Today we also see that the world is exposed to lots of health issues because of wrong lifestyles and eating habits. People today, are more interested in counting the zeros after the integer in their earnings rather than being healthy. They have forgotten the adage –


Research has shown that many subjects can be integrated with Sports and a number of concepts can be taught  through sports. Example: calculating speed in Mathematics. We could ask children to run a distance of 100 m and give them a stipulated time. Calculate speed =   . Similarly we can teach Physics through football (friction for kicking on mud ground and grass ground) and Biology can be taught by explaining the muscle movements in athletics etc.  These are just a few examples.


As mentioned earlier Sports play a very important role in maintaining good health and also developing good habits.  Food intake should produce energy to promote a healthy body. People in the past had very less use of medicines, as their lifestyles – be it food or exercise took care of their health. Serious diseases were countable. Vegetables and fruits grown seasonally in the backyards with organic manure and no chemical fertilizers along with the household chores like drawing water from the well, getting water from the rivers for cooking, washing clothes , milking the cows etc, and specifically eating on time  enhanced good health.

At present food plays a major role in the health of people. Everyone loves to eat tasty food, but tasty food contains fats, carbohydrates and other components which are unhealthy and these will create health problems like obesity, thyroid related issues, breathing disorders etc. This unhealthy food combined with lack of right kind of exercises certainly has created problems especially in children and this has been debated at the WHO.

Sports also help children to develop good habits. A sense of discipline, punctuality, team spirit, optimism, fair judicious quality, sharing, caring, competitive spirit, mental stability etc. This has been proved by so many examples, the most recent being the tenacity of the football team of young children and their coach who survived an onslaught of Nature in Thailand when they were marooned in a cave full of flood water. The world prayed and it was a total victory of the team which had believed and practiced Meditation, which again is a preliminary to all Sports activities.

Children can develop concentration and focus when they play any game – the determination to win is always there. If that can be channelized and streamlined it can influence their art of studying. Children’s exposure to sports can determine their behavior. Their involvement in these pursuits should actually be supported both by the school and at home. The art of self-control is obvious when they play and this can be observed even while they study. Of course, there are exceptions that will only shine in sports and their academics will take a back seat. Even here, if parents understand and accept the needs of these children and help them to pursue their dreams, without worrying about societal norms, we can witness a steady increase in good Sportsmen who can put our nation on the next pedestal! Practice and more Practice in their games will wean off children’s addictions to TV, Mobile, Online games and any other digital media that we are all worried about. We needn’t cry hoarse of the effects of these distractions!

As a conclusion it is imperative that there is a combined hand holding of the school and parents to support children who come with varied abilities. This will be a win-win situation for everyone.


There is a belief that the first step for learning for a child is the Home and the School is the first step for a child to recognize its potential and aptitude in sports.

Based on this belief Spurthy Global School, not only gives importance to studies, but also gives equal opportunity for sports. We believe a healthy kid will be more creative and organized. Our students are involved in many sports activities in school like Athletics, Chess, Carrom, Badminton, Football, volleyball, Kabaddi etc..

“Kabaddi” is one of the games that our children have excelled and got honors to the school. We believe in rekindling and nurturing the interest in traditional sports. There is a lot to learn from Kabaddi. “A beautiful balance between holding on and letting go is what is required in a game of Kabaddi.”

We are proud to say that our Kabaddi team won the Regional level Kabaddi Tournament of Council School Sports and Games Karnataka – 2018 Under Junior Category.

Our Kabaddi team journey started in our school, through Inter Class and House Championship matches. This was a part of the Sports Day of 2018-19

In 2018 our school registered in KISA for Sports. Eventually we were successful in not only gaining an entry but we were the first time winners in Kabaddi Tournament in the Regional Level 2018. The Kabaddi tournament was a knock out match league. We had our first match against Parivarthan Gurukul High. This was the first time that our team was playing against other schools and we were very anxious. With all encouragement and motivation by our coaches, we won the first match with 4 points difference. This was our first step and we were ON!

The second match was against Thirthahalli Public School where our boys proved that they were better than any other players, by making a difference of 15 points! We had a bye in quarter – final due to disqualification of the other team. We made it to the Semifinal against Santhome Public School (Mandya) and won against them. In the final we faced Act Secondary Education (Hosur Road) and emerged as WINNERS of Regional Level Kabaddi Tournament of Council School Sports and Games- 2018 Under Junior Category.


Spurthy Global School Kabaddi team players are;

Gourav (Captain), Dharshan, Varun, Nishanth, Prem, Chethan, Sanjay, Prashanth, Jitesh, Sandeep and Pankaj. Our Coaches are; Lakshman Pujar and S. Vinodh Charles.

Our victory did not stop here; we proceeded to National Level Council School Sports and Games 2018 Under Junior Category from Karnataka and the team won the First Runner – Up position against Uttar Pradesh in Finals with only a difference of 1 point. From our school there were 5 students who represented the Karnataka team in National Council Meet under Junior Category along with other school students. They were Gourav (Captain), Darshan, Varun, Nishanth, and Prem  – all from Grade 10.

Our school felicitated the Kabaddi team of Karnataka (ICSE) by giving them mementos and certificates.

3 outstanding players were selected from the Karnataka team to represent CISCE in School Games Federation of India Under 18 – Junior Category.  The students were Gourav M.P Reddy (Spurthy Global School), Preetham Chand ( Santhome Public School, Mandya) and Paritosh Chand ( California Public School).

What has now started will certainly continue and students are geared up to break barriers to Reach the Beyond!


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