Blooms Taxonomy, a powerful tool to transform Teaching and Learning

Blooms Taxonomy as a tool, focuses attention away from content and instruction and emphasizes the cognitive events in the mind of the learner, be it the teacher or the taught.

And this is no small change.

Since ages, educational reforms have focused only on Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation. The less focus was  emphasized on , “how students think”, which perhaps did not result in promoting thinking and understanding as it taught the children only, “what to think”.

The Curriculum emphasized less on thinking and understanding.

But at Spurthy the focus on:

“Teaching how to think and not what to think”.

With the Paradigm shift, Blooms Taxonomy has started creating, “Magic-Spell” to the pathway of Learning Process. With the child at centre, the taxonomy recalls, defines, explains and makes progressive changes in the comprehension skills of the pupils. And this is done by progressively increasing the level of thinking. As is obvious from the diagram below:

Now Walking -hand -in-hand with Assessment Experts we are marching towards creating a positive change in teaching-learning process of Spurthy.


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